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There are three roles you can play:

  • Medical Screener (or Triage)
  • Forms Reviewer and
  • Dispensing.

    Graphic of Select a Role


    Nearly your entire team can work to solidify their skills on their own between joint exercises.

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A critical element of the Strategic National Stockpile plan, the Points-of-Dispensing (PODs) run by your health department have to run smoothly and efficiently to reach the maximum percentage of the population in the shortest amount of time. You already understand the importance of training with real-time and tabletop exercises, but now, you can add a third tool to your POD preparation toolkit: the POD Game.

Using this game, you can enhance your efforts to teach staff and volunteers to work efficiently and sensitively with the public to maximize throughput in times of crisis.

What some players are saying:

"Great test of nerves under a challenging situation"

"While not matching our POD flow exactly, this is a great on-line course. Gives an introduction to some of the challenges that might be faced during an event."

"We all have an idea of what it might be like to work a Dispensing Site during a real emergency. This simulation really brings it home. The real event will be presenting us people and situations at a pace that can only be handled from practice, practice and more practice. This is a great way to do that from the safety of your desk or arm chair."